Come to Grief a novel by Dick Francis that was first published in 1995, is based on the true life events which occurred in Linda Corby and her families life events between 1988 & 1990.

Autobiography from the heart
Fiction of this won Edgar Alan Poe Award!


Linda Corby was writing her autobiography a fact that Dick Francis knew. At the time Dick Francis published 'Come to Grief'. Dick Francis did this without the prior knowledge or consent of Linda Corby.

Dick Francis committed breach of confidence, copyright infringement and plagiarized against Linda Corby.

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Tuesday 08:17

Dear Friend,

Dick Francis used true life events to produce his novel 'Come to Grief'.

Worst of all he fictionalized Linda Corby's daughter Natasha's character in 'Come to Grief' Natasha was lost to cancer at the age of twelve and cannot defend herself. The only way people will know the truth is by Linda Corby's campaign to make her autobiography 'Bad Blood' read by as many people as possible, in order for everyone to know that Natasha is/was not a fictional character. This was one of Natasha's last wishes and one that Linda Corby is doing her best against the odds to keep!

Bad Blood

Bad Blood is not a copy of Dick Francis's novel 'Come to Grief' but in 'Come to grief' Dick Francis has plagiarized, committed copyright infringement, and is in Breach of trust against Linda Corby.

Linda Corby says that Dick Francis is a thief of some of her most treasured memories of her daughter Natasha. This is the most unforgivable form of theft, the thought that their are millions of people out there who actually believe that  huge chunks of her life and that of her family are fictional is abhorrent to her.

This autobiography was written because it was one of the last wishes of Natasha Linda's beautiful little girl who knew she was dying from cancer when she made this wish.

Below are real copies of what real people thought upon reading 'Bad Blood' the real story behind the Dick Francis novel 'Come to grief'.

Start of Email:

Hi Linda - Thank you for sending the book. I feel quite touched by your trust and have started to read.

Wow! I find it totally fascinating and you certainly are blessed with that wonderful gift good author's have for leading their readers through the story so that it is so hard to put the book down!!!

I have a busy morning ahead but just want to sit here and read and read. Brilliant!

You've had to deal with such major traumas in your life and there are so many people who need comfort and encouragement with bereavement and child abuse.

Back in 1997 I did a course on bereavement counseling and a dear friend of mine who had lost her daughter in a car accident wrote a moving journal about the months following. I wished she would have published because it was so tender and real but she didn't at that time. What she did do though was start campaigning for MADD which was good to raise awareness but I believe that sharing from the heart brings comfort to others in a way that those who haven't experienced such a great loss cannot.

Your sharing Linda will help a lot of people. Same with child abuse too as I said I haven't got very far into the book but my tongue is hanging out to learn more about the political scene on Jersey.

I have to say that it is the first time in my life I've read anything so honest about the island and yet it's like the 'penny drops' when you reveal the corruption and class divisions there. In such a small community I suppose it emphasizes even more the wide gap between the haves and the have not's in our society.

You go girl and just keep telling it like it is. I've done the same and certainly have learned how NOT to make friends but certainly know you can influence people and once something has been revealed there's no ignoring it.

So Linda, I'll continue to read, and I think it is really important to raise awareness of plagiarism in all its forms.

Trust is so important especially for writers because we don't expect others to lift what we share to line their own pockets. Will be in touch soon. Kathy End of Email:


A friend of mine recommended I read this book. what a fantastic read, it had me totally gripped right from the start. What an amazing life, how this lady has found the courage and fortitude to come through it all at the same time as keeping an amazing sense of humour is beyond comprehension. I feel sure that this book will become a best seller, and feel it would make a brilliant film.


This is not an autobiography of doom and gloom, yes their are sad episodes in it, but there are also many, happy, funny and endearing episodes as well. Life isn't all good or bad, it is a combination, as we all know sometimes the people who get the real highs also get the real lows, and Linda Corby is just one of those people who attracts the extremes.

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You are getting The true story behind 'Come to Grief' by Dick Francis, and there is a hell of a lot more to this 'no holds bared' autobiography.

Linda was a real life horsy detective, she has the real character of the type Dick Francis basis his hero's on, a woman who never gives in to threats no matter what the cost to herself, and unfortunately sometimes it has backfired on her and those she loves.

This is not a run of the mill story by any means. Linda is one of the most outspoken, honest woman you are every going to read about and she has faced the sort of controversy in her life that the majority of people would buckle under, but she still won't give in!

I guarantee that you will not find another autobiography like 'Bad Blood'!!

You won't find anything else out there quite like this autobiography.

It is the one that the media have put a blanket syndrome on.

Why, because Dick Francis's 'Come to Grief' doesn't have all the facts, and fiction cannot compare to the facts.

Buy now because at any point an injunction could be put on its sales! Dick Francis might just decided to do this as so many people are now talking about what he did. The grapevine is growing daily, so grab your copy now, while you still can.

The price of this book reflects the fact that Linda wants everyone to be able to afford a copy, in this way she is keeping her word to Natasha.

The price might well have to go up shortly as it really is too cheap and everyone who gets it is saying it is worth a lot more than the asking price.

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We stand together. Why doesn't the man just make a public admission and apology? It never hurt anybody to admit they made a mistake. Your daughter deserves nothing less.


A good man in an evil society seems the greatest villain of all.


I have read Linda Corby's autobiography Blood and the Dick Francis novel Come to Grief and Dick Francis has indeed used the Corby's lives as the basis for his book. Disgusting behaviour by Dick Francis!


Get a conscience, Francis and do the RIGHT THING! John Wayne Peel
We all know justice and support does not always go to the people that deserve it most. In this case you DO deserve it Linda, wish you not only luck but great success!

Pete F

I'm from Delhi and have been an avid reader of Dick Francis books - but I'm with you ALL the way Linda, you have a right for the world to read your story, if they so wish, and blocking your autobiography was disgusting.


I have cancer in my family, and I think it's REPREHENSIBLE that someone would cash in on your story like that


I am 100% behind you. It's awful that this already wealthy man is cashing in on your grief. Good luck and best wishes.


----- Original Message ---- From: HARRYANDANN HUNT To: Cc: Sent: Saturday, 12 May, 2007 9:43:24 AM

As a reader and fan of the DAILY MAIL I am pointing you to a story of enormous human interest, almost too unbelievable not to be fiction. This saga has all the elements of human skullduggery, tragedy and pure official incompetence that you could wish for to increase sales of your newspaper. I believe this story is on the verge of becoming big time news and is on the verge of bursting into the media like a lanced boil after years of festering. This story concerning one woman's long brave fight to expose the truth is worth looking at and would be a terrific scoop. I suggest you tap the name LINDA CORBY into your computer and follow the latest developments. Yours sincerely Ben C


Help Linda keep her word to Natasha.

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Autobiography from the heart
Fiction of this won Edgar Alan Poe Award!